Elements designed specifically for Tillt-Up system:

Advantages for using the Fast Transport Anchor System for Tilt-Up System:

  • Agility and speed in the deform, transport, and assemble;

  • Easy to released remotaly;

  • Savings on expenditures with labor and rental of equipment such as cranes;

  • It allows perfect superficial finishing of the elements during the process;

  • Eliminates the undesirable and costly re-works for elimination of the straps and repair of the elements.

Below there are the items used on the system:

• Fast Lifting Clutch - IRT

Reusable tool to be hicth to the anchor (LIFT) after the concreting in order to perform the transportation of the pre-casted elements.

  • Superior Positioner / Recess Former - PS

Disposable accessory (PS) used to ensure that the anchor remain correctly allocated in the concrete.

• Lift with Craved Bar:

Anchor developed for transportation of slabs and panels produced through Tilt-up System. It also can be used for the transportation of other elements.

• Inferior Positioner - BC

Plastic element that keeps the anchor perpendicular to the pre-cast element used in slabs and tilt-up panels.

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