Sistema de Içamento, Movimentação de pre-moldado

Three types of systems offered:

- Fast Transport Anchor System

- Theaded Transport Anchor System

- Spherical Transport Anchor System


- Ajustable Spreader Lifting Beam 

- Compensation Devide 

     - Triangle

     - Short Lifting Beam

- Column Lifting Pin

Balancim, Tilt-up, Barra Espaçadora
Emenda de Pilar

- Column x Column

- Foundation Block x Column

- Column x Beam

- Beam x Beam

- Wall x Wall

Consoles Metálicos, Consolos Metálicos, Fixação de Painéis, Fixação de Placas

- External Fixation

- Fixation Between Columns

Contraventamento de Painel, Strap, Slot, Perfil

- Channel

- Slot Channel

- Slot Pipe

- T-Bolt

- Bracing Box

- Bracing Hat

Punção, Combate a Punção, Conector de Punção, Stud, Stud Bolt
Continuidade de Armadura, Luvas Metálicas, Emenda de Barra, Luva de Emenda

- Pressed Coupler with Thread (TCA)

- Rebar with Thread (VR)

- Weldable Coupler (TLS)

- On Site Pressing Coupler (TLP)

Insertos Metálicos, Insertos sob Projeto, Inserto
Tilt-up, Movimentação de Placas, Painel Tilt-up
Manutenção de Fachada, Sistema de Ancoragem

- TSF Inox Anchor

-Treaded Lifting Cluth (TI)

Fixação de Painéis Alveolares, Travamento de Paineis Alveolares


- Channel

- Curved Washer

- T-Bolt

Apoio de Lajes Alveolares, Apoio de Laje, Lajes Alveolares, Suporte para Lajes Alveolares


- Slat

Continuidade de Armadura de Parede, Continuidade de Armadura


In the market since 1996, Trejor offers the construction sector solutions for rationalization of works and industrialized concrete construction. In addition to the products and systems that make up its line, it has highly qualified staff to offer fast and accurate solutions to meet the needs of its customers.



Develop and provide to the market quality products and services, manufactured with the highest technology, always seeking to innovate and satisfy customers.




Continually grow consistently and responsibly, building strong and ethical relationships with customers, employees and suppliers.




Market – Operate with ethics, excellence, agility, commitment and transparency.


Company – Anticipate the market needs, operating with dynamism and creativity.


Environment – Respect life and the environment based on the principles of sustainability, in their different dimensions.

Collaborators - Valuing people first. Act professionally and encourage the development of people through a pleasant environment and teamwork.


Present and Future - Focus on results, ensuring shareholder remuneration and providing resources to be invested in the development and growth of the company.


Partnership and Relationship - Believe and invest in building solid and lasting partnerships and relationships.









Commercial, Administration and Shipment 


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